hypnotherapy in toronto

Hypnotherapy Helps in Toronto gives you the very best self-hypnosis audio MP3’s available. 

Quit smoking, lose weight, control anger, overcome anxiety, get motivated, boost self-esteem, and hundreds more self-hypnosis audio will help you become your best self.

Use hypnosis to help you feel different quickly while addressing thinking styles and how to change them.   This will encourage healthy behavior in the future.

These self-help, professional audio products were created using research-based, effective psychology and will help you fall into a trance-state, or waking sleep. Natural inductions are done by professional hypnotherapists, in the comfort of your home. The progressive relaxation method is easy to achieve without any experience.

All you need to do is find somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down, then slip in your headphones and listen to the deeply relaxing audio session.

Get control of your addictive and difficult to control behaviors.  Regain a  great attitude, and possess open and relaxed energy.

Each 20-minute session is just $10.00.

Contact us to order or inquire about other sessions.

Here is just a sample of the sessions available for download:

Achieving Your Potential

Anxiety Relief

Assertiveness Training

Be a Super Confident

Be Less Critical

Be More Charismatic

Believe in Yourself

Confidence in Class

Coping With Disfigurement

Coping with the Death of a Parent

Don’t Fear Rejection

Easing Away Panic Attacks

Eat Healthy

Enhance Sexual Pleasure

Escape Guilt

Escape Your Perfectionism

Express Your Emotions

Fear of Abandonment

Fear of Failure

Fear of Rejection

Feel Attractive

Finish What You Start

Fitness Class Motivation

Flirt with Confidence

Get Organized

Get Rich – Think Like a Millionaire

Getting Over a Relationship

Handling Criticism

How to Accept Criticism

Learn to Love Again

Let Go of the Past

Meeting New People

Newly Single

Overcome Insecurity

Performance Anxiety

Reach Goals

Save Money for Financial Freedom

Seize the Day

Self Discipline for Success

Self Esteem Booster

Sell Yourself

Speed Reading Mastery

Start Your Business

Stop Being a Victim

Stop Emotional Eating

Stop Irritability

Stop Negative Thoughts

Stop Obsessive Thoughts

Stop Smoking

Think Thin

Trust Again

Weight loss Motivation

Will Power

Work Motivation