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Nurses helping nurses, and families advocate for patients.

Expert RN’s Consulting is a paid service comprised of an experienced team of Registered Nurses specializing in the acute areas of Critical Care, Intensive Care, and EmergencyWe have been in business since 2003. For clients navigating the Healthcare system, we can answer your questions and address your concerns. We’ll work with you and your loved ones to offer you the best possible solutions, options, and outcomes.

We have worked in, and with institutions beginning with the SARS pandemic of 2003, and have experience dealing with all sectors of health care in regards to teaching, prevention, and implementation of infection control measures.  Our knowledge of infectious communicable diseases such as MRSA, VRE, Norovirus, and C. Difficile comes from working in such environments.  Other areas of experience include, but are not limited to: Oncology, Palliative Care, Neurology, Trauma, and Plastic Surgery.  Our experience and knowledge is from a Registered Nurse point of view.

Ask us at Expert RN’s about:

  • Informed Consent explained, and what Doctors don’t tell you
  • When you should be viewing your chart
  • When to get a second opinion
  • Medical and medication errors, what you should know
  • Infection control in hospitals, behind the scenes
  • Keeping track of all the personnel who are assigned to you
  • Communicating your concerns and complaints effectively beyond the Nurse or Doctor
  • When you should be accessing your complete medical records
  • Individuals and agencies with the authority to intervene on your behalf
  • Getting information on tests and results
  • The importance of establishing Power of Attorney for Personal Care

and more…

You need advice?  Ask us a question by contacting us.


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